Tax Bill Information

Real estate and personal property tax bills exceeding $100.00 are payable in 2 equal installments, due by July 1 and January 1. No second bill is sent for the January installment.

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Motor vehicle tax bills for vehicles registered October 1 are due in full July 1. Supplemental motor vehicle tax bills for newly acquired motor vehicles registered from October 2 through the following July 31 are due in full January 1.

Taxpayers have one month from the respective due date in which to pay without penalty, after which interest is collected at the rate of 1-1/2% per month from the due date. When paying by mail, a self addressed, stamped envelope and the entire bill must be enclosed to have receipted bills returned. Multiple bills may be paid with a single check.

If the notation "back taxes" appears on the bill, contact the Tax Collector's Office for updated interest charges on prior years' taxes. Back taxes and interest must be paid in full before payment can be accepted on these bills.