Easton Energy & Environment Task Force

Easton Energy & Environment Task Force
Mission Statement

The mission of the Easton Energy & Environment Task Force is to enhance municipal, commercial, and residential environmental stewardship by identifying, proposing, and implementing measures that improve the town’s sustainability and (where possible) cost savings, and by promoting important initiatives that may benefit residents.

The Task Force is dedicated to building on the success of its initiatives and will continue to work with various town committees and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on future projects. As appropriate, the Task Force will also collaborate with other towns and with state and local partners, learning and sharing best practices and contributing to better environmental outcomes for the community.BOS APPROVED 01.03.19

When the Task Force was formed in 2006, its initial focus was on advancing renewable energy. As its most significant initiative in this area, the Task Force spearheaded the development of a solar farm at Samuel Staples Elementary School, designed to produce enough energy to offset 100% of the school’s energy consumption. The Task Force subsequently expanded its efforts to increase energy efficiency as well, helping the town decrease energy use and related costs. A number of the Task Force’s projects also focus on broader environmental concerns, such as recycling.

6 Members (appointed by the Board of Selectmen)

Committee Members

Name Title
Cathy Alfandre Member
Heidi Armster Member
Katie Callahan Member
Lise Fleuette Member
Robert Morganti Member
Deirdre Williams Member