Agricultural Commission

Welcome to the Agricultural Resource section of the Easton Agricultural Commission.
You will find resources for members of our Easton Agricultural Community (Farmers, 490 holders, those seeking land to farm, other agricultural producers and service providers) and for Town Boards and Commissions. We stand in an advisory capacity as a resource for you and as a link to a broader agricultural community.  

List of Easton Farms and Farm Stand openings and how to contact them with Covid-19 precautions in mind. (updated 6/3/2020)

Visit for Special message and resources on COVID-19 for farmers, farm stands, and agricultural providers.

Read Safe Store Rules (effective 4/3/2020; link updated 4/6/2020)

Visit for resources for members of our Easton Agricultural Community and our Town Boards and Commissions

Visit News and Announcements for upcoming events.

We invite you to come back and visit this page often for Agricultural Resources & Updates.

5 Members (appointed)
Term: 3 years
2 Alternates (appointed)
Term: 3 years
* Only current members (elected or appointed) and/or alternates are listed below.

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Commission Members

Name Title
Victor B. Alfandre Member
Lori Cochran Dougall Member
Matthew Oricchio Member
Irv Silverman Member
Jean Stetz-Puchalski Member
Denise Hebner Alternate
Sage Rega Alternate