Board of Finance

The Town of Easton Board of Finance operates as set forth in the State of Connecticut General Statutes. Its duties include but are not limited to the following:

Elected members of the board are the responsible stewards of Easton’s financial stability and in so doing, balance the diverse needs of the community with the resources to fund them. The primary role of the Board of Finance is as the architect of designing Easton’s fiscal policy. The secondary role is to administer such policies in order to ensure cooperation, participation, and effectiveness. 

The Board of Finance performs the administrative tasks involved in budget preparation, requesting and receiving budget estimates, compiling the budget documents and recommending a budget to the Town Meeting. 

Following acceptance of the budget, the Board of Finance is responsible for setting the tax rate. Within the fiscal year the Board of Finance approves special appropriations as well as transfers within departmental budgets. The Board of Finance also prepares and publishes the Annual Town Report, selects and engages independent auditors, and arranges the annual municipal audit.

6 Members (elected)
Term: 6 years

3 Alternate Members (appointed)
Term: 6 years

Board Members

Name Title
Wendy Bowditch Member
Andrew R. Kachele Member
Michael P. Kot Member
Arthur Laske III Member
Paul Lindoerfer Member
Paul Skrtich Member
Jacqueline Kaufman Alternate
Ira Kaplan Alternate
Gregg H. Saunders Alternate