Town Government

In Easton, the Town Meeting is the legislative branch of town government. The Town Meeting performs such important functions as adopting ordinances, approving the annual Town budget or referring it to a referendum vote, and performing such other roles as are prescribed by state statute. All are entitled to vote at town meetings who are registered to vote in Easton or who own property assessed by the Town at not less than $1000 (and who are also eighteen years of age and citizens of the U.S.).

The Board of Selectmen is the executive and administrative branch of town government. Its primary charge is to superintend the concerns of the Town. Among its specific responsibilities are (1) appointments of non-elected officials to boards, commissions, and committeees and (2) to serve as the Town’s purchasing authority. The First Selectman is the chief executive officer and an ex officio member of all Town boards, commissions, and committees. The three members of the Board of Selectmen each serve two-year, elected terms.

The Board of Finance is the funding body of the Town. Its primary responsibility is the preparation of the annual Town budget, which is presented to the Town for adoption. The six members of the Board of Finance each serve six-year, elected terms.

Easton has several other boards and commissions which oversee various town functions, such as education, land-use, public safety, and recreation. Easton shares Joel Barlow High School with Redding, which is overseen by the Region 9 Board of Education.

Easton has no charter. It operates under its own Code of the Town of Easton (ordinances) and General Statutes of Connecticut.