Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the public information office serving as liaison between local government and the public.  As the official keeper of all local records for the Town of Easton from the date of incorporation in 1845 until the present, the Town Clerk's Office links the past, present, and future of Easton. The Secretary of State entrusts the Town Clerk with responsibility for public records, vital statistics, licensing, and certain duties in connection with elections. 

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Deborah Szegedi
Easton Town Clerk

Term is 2 years elected. 

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Deborah Szegedi Town Clerk (203) 268-6291 ext. 133
Holly Konstantino Assistant Town Clerk (203) 268-6291 ext. 131
Tina Reynolds Assistant Town Clerk 203-268-6291 ext 130