3/17/2020 A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass...

Good afternoon. Please check Easton’s website for updates.

Effective today, Easton Town Hall is closed to the public however we remain open with a skeletal crew to deal with essential matters by appointment only. Please call ahead, by noon, if you need to schedule an appointment. The staff can also help you with what can be done online, by phone or by email.

By now the severity of the situation should be apparent to everyone in Easton. As more testing becomes available the number of documented infections will rise rapidly and residents in Easton will be diagnosed with the virus. Until that time, the best advice I can give is to assume that every contact with another person could potentially get you exposed to the virus. Keep your distance (6 feet rule), wash your hands, and do not take unnecessary risks. In doing this, you can protect yourself and your families and the health of your friends and neighbors.

If you feel ill or think you were exposed, please call your primary doctor for advice before doing anything else. The goal is to limit contact with other people as much as possible. Emergency services and hospitals should only be accessed by those who are in life threatening situations. The availability of tests and testing drive through sites are increasing daily. You must have a doctor’s order to be able to be tested.

All public meetings and hearings i.e. Brown Bag Lunch, Morehouse Property and Health District Public Hearing have been postponed. Boards, commissions and committees meetings are being held under the discretion of the chairman but may ultimately be cancelled or postponed. In consultation with the Board of Finance, the budget process has been put on hold. The Governor has given us an additional 30 days (as of now) to hold our Town Meeting which we will take advantage of. We are looking at electronic solutions to conducting some of these meetings but are proceeding cautiously. We want to be certain that if we do something electronically that is accessible to as many citizens as possible and allows full participation. Please check Easton’s website for updates.

ER9 is beginning grab and go meal pickups at Barlow for those students who qualify for free or reduced meals.  Check ER9 website for more details. ER9 also has Chrome Books available for those who do not have computers and/or internet access, and then, if supplies last, on a first come first serve basis for other students. Information will also be posted at er9.org. The schools hope to have a distance learning program in place by Monday March 23, 2020. This process is a work in progress and patience is requested and appreciated. It is only naturally that we may get frustrated with the disruptive new realities that we are facing but please keep in mind these processes and procedures are being put in place to allow our students to continue learning.

Finally, on a personal note, I must point out our staff in Town Hall. They come to work and continue to do the Town’s business not working from home with their families to keep you informed and keep Easton functioning as normally as can be. When you speak with them please acknowledge their service to us all.

Be safe and be well. 

David Bindelglass