Q&A for the Proposed Pathway on Sport Hill Road at 7:30pm (Monday, 3/29/2021)


Join us for an informal Question & Answer session for the Proposed Pathway on Sport Hill Road will be hosted by the Planning and Land Use Office of the Town of Easton. You may access it at the following link:

Topic: Q & A for Proposed Pathway on Sport Hill Road 
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Meeting ID: 593 131 3978 
Passcode: 5678 

Time/Date: 7:30pm today, 3/29/2021

To respect everyone attending the Q&A, please keep your microphone on mute and wait to be called on to unmute and speak. You are asked to type your question in the chat box. The chat box will be used to track and answer questions in order to the extent possible. If you are unable to use the chat box please raise you hand and every attempt will be made to get to your question. Please be respectful of other’s time. Thank you all for your understanding!”

Justin Giorlando
Land Use Consultant