Easton Energy Task Force

The Clean Energy Task Force established in 2006 helps the town achieve the goals of the statewide Clean Energy Communities Program.  The original intent of the program was to foster municipal support for and community awareness of renewable energy. 

In 2012, the program expanded to include a focus on energy efficiency and conservation as well. 

In keeping with this broader focus, Easton signed in August 2012 a new Clean Energy Communities Municipal Pledge, which has three components: 1) a commitment to reduce municipal building energy consumption by 20% by 2018 (which will save significant costs); 2) a commitment to purchase 20% of municipal energy from renewable sources by 2018; and 3) an agreement to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in the community.

In 2016, the name for the Clean Energy Task Force changed to the Easton Energy Task Force.

6 Members (appointed by the Board of Selectmen)

Committee Members

Name Title
Cathy Alfandre Member
Heidi Armster Member
Katie Callahan Member
Regina McNamara Member
Robert Morganti Member
Emily L. Winter Member