2017 Library Building Committee

Committee Charge

There shall be a committee to complete the planning, permitting, design, development, and construction of an addition to and renovation/remodeling of the existing library building located at 691 Morehouse Road in the area currently known as the children's library and incorporating some or all of the exterior patio space. The committee shall consist of not more than seven members with no more than five members being of the same political party. The Library Director and the First Selectman shall serve as ex-officio members without vote. The committee shall be known as the 2017 Library Building Committee

Prior to filing with any regulatory body, or publication or return to another party to a contract, the committee shall present all permit applications, all requests for bids or proposals, and all contracts to the First Selectman, or as appropriate, to the Board of Selectmen for review and signature by the First Selectman. Such documents may also be signed by the chairman or vice chairman of the committee.

The committee shall follow the requirements of the town Purchasing Ordinance and such other ordinances of the town as are applicable, including the standard town procedures for purchasing and requisitioning goods and services.

Funding for the project shall be provided from the Library Fund and not from the general revenue of the town or bonding by the town. The Library Fund is held and managed by the Library Board of Directors for the benefit of the Easton Public Library. Payments will be issued by the Treasurer of the Town of Easton upon proper requisition.

The committee shall report to the Board of Selectmen on its progress from time to time as it deems appropriate and as requested by the Board of Selectmen.

The Board of Selectmen shall provide such advice as the committee, from time to time may request, or as the Board of Selectmen deems appropriate.

Members of the committee may be removed with cause by the Board of Selectmen and new members may be appointed in place of removed members.

The Board of Selectmen may alter this charge as required.

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen on August 17, 2017

7 Members (appointed)

Board Members

Name Title
Steve Edwards Member
Dara Ghavami Member
Kristi Sogofsky Member
Veronica Rozo Member
Linda Dollard Member