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Public Works Department / Recycling


Public Works Department

15 Westport Rd, Easton, CT 06612


Curbside Recycling

Public Works Department

15 Westport Rd, Easton, CT 06612

Recycling Hotline: 203-261-7915


Residential Recycling Pickup

We Will Have a New Recycling Schedule When We Get the New Carts.

More Information About The New Recycling Program

The following schedule will hold for now.

Collection occurs on THREE DAYS A WEEK.

Monday: Roads that are North of Center Road.

Tuesday: Center Road, and roads South of Center Road including Sport Hill Road (south of Center Road) and roads west of that section of Sport Hill Road.

Friday: Old Oak Road and roads east of the section of Sport Hill Road which is south of Center Road.

Please put the bins out the night before your collection day.



Place ALL of the following items in one cart!

Acceptable Items:

It's easy and convenient...NO MORE SORTING!
This Includes:



Non-Acceptable Items


Holiday Schedule for Curbside Collection

There will be no pickup and the Trumbull Transfer Station is closed on the holidays listed below:

New Year's Day

Labor Day

Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Day

Independence Day (July 4th)

Christmas Day


Any other holiday not listed will be a normal curbside pickup day and the Trumbull Transfer Station is open.


Recycling of Electronics

Recycle your electronics at the Trumbull Transfer Station

101 Spring Hill Rd, Trumbull


Monday–Friday: 7:00am–2:45pm

Saturday: 7:00–11:45am




Disposal of Waste Motor Oil, Car Batteries & Anti-Freeze

Waste motor oil, car batteries and anti-freeze can be disposed of at the Public Works facility, 15 Westport Road, Monday – Friday between 7:00am–12:00am and 12:30pm–2:30 p.m.


Disposal of Leaves

The Town of Easton encourages backyard composting. Please refer to the Education section of the Town’s Storm water Management Program webpage for composting tips.  Do not trash grass clippings (see video at the Library).


Disposal of Holiday Trees

The Town of Easton accepts old Holiday trees for recycling.


Please remove all foreign material such as lights, decorations and plastic bags from the tree. Under state law, the trees are considered yard waste and must be recycled like brush, grass clippings and leaves.   Please deposit trees in the marked area at the Public Works Department yard, 15 Westport Road.


We do not accept holiday wreaths.


More Information

Below we have described some of the more important aspects of the work performed by the department. Please read to learn more about the work we do. Thank you!


Curbside Recycling


Holiday Schedule


Recycling of Electronics


Disposal of Waste Motor Oil, Car Batteries & Anti-Freeze


Disposal of Leaves


Disposal of Holiday Trees


Location of Trumbull Transfer Station


More Resources

Single-Stream Recycling Information


Electronics Recycling