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The carts should be used for recyclables beginning the week of August 11th.

Residents may keep the old blue bins.

Additional information and the new schedule can be found at www.EastonRecycles.com

8-1-14 Recycling Press Release

More Information About The New Recycling Program

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The citizens of Easton are fortunate to inherit a town with so much of its New England character intact.  Elements that draw visitors from neighboring states and towns survive here through a combination of family agricultural tradition and the town's location in a watershed area.  The allure of tractor rides over stubbly fields beneath trees ablaze with color, small children laden with armloads of pumpkins, a stroll through the orchards to pick apples or blueberries, a Sunday drive past antique homes brilliant with summer flowers, a hike through woods that unfold uninterrupted for miles, a wintry trudge over snowy hillsides in pursuit of the perfect tree, invite people to revisit homey family traditions associated with New England's past... but still alive in Easton.


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